About Us



Meet the Team

Founded by Pooja Harikrishnan, Folksie was born out of the love for Indian crafts and culture in 2020. Folksie hails from the town of Thrissur - the Cultural Capital of the beautiful and green Kerala.

What was started by Pooja with 1 employee in July 2020, is now a strong family of 8 at the production front.


What is Folksie?

We derived the name “FOLKSIE” from the word “FOLK”, and the brand stands true to its name - we are Traditional and Cultural, yet Contemporary and Informal. Being ardent lovers of Indian designing techniques and crafts, we aim to promote these along with the artisans of the country to the best of our abilities! We believe that the subtle imperfections of handmade prints & products is what makes them perfect. All our products are made of ethically sourced materials, are cruelty free and are handcrafted and handmade with great attention to detail and hearts full of love!

This is what we want to give you - Our Products Handcrafted with Love for You!


What we make

At Folksie, we handcraft modern-ethnic clothing and hand-make vegan leather bags! While we are a women-centric brand at the moment, we also customize clothing for men and aim to begin a men’s line very soon!


Our Aim

At Folksie, we strive to avoid wastages and upcycle as much of the scraps that come out of the production process as possible. While we are already using vegan leather instead of animal leather for our bags, we aspire to become a fully sustainable brand over time.

We believe in having a personal connect and commitment to each product we make and every customer we meet. Our customers are our family, and we obsess over providing them with a flawless & seamless shopping experience, while gradually increasing artisanal employment every step of the way!